Question 3

Please pick a question or respond to all.. 🙂


Has there ever been a time in your marriage where you felt your significant other has stopped trying to make you happy?

Do men care about a woman’s feelings? Or do our emotions just make us look crazy? And if so..why?


Author: g0disl0v3

I am a 25 year old married woman/mother. I married my husband on July 4, 2013. I lost my first child in 2011 due to a day care incident and his father had abused me from 16-20 until I stood up for myself. The purpose of this blog is to conduct a study to help me understand a man and woman's mind, love, emotions, and needs from their partners. At this moment the importance of marriage has decreased, marriage rates have dropped and divorces have increased. WHY? I have a plan to do this study and then turn around and help marriages become stronger and become as meaningful as the day your vows were said. Please help me with honest feedback on daily questions. Thank you <3

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